Monitor Blowout Sale!!! Everything must go-go-GO!!!!

Monitor Blowout Sale!!! Everything must go-go-GO!!!!

Post by Mr » Wed, 09 Aug 1995 04:00:00

        For Sale -- Macintosh 17" (16" viewable) Trinitron color monitor.  
Used 2 months.  Model 1044LL/A.  This is the ultimate large screen high
resolution Mac nonitor. Condition of the monitor is PERFECT.  It should be
since it has had less than 100 hours total use.  If you are interested e-mail

Price is $750 plus shipping (or best offer).  Original cost was $1350. The
monitor will be shipped in it's original shipping container.


Monitor Blowout Sale!!! Everything must go-go-GO!!!!

Post by Douglas Bel » Wed, 09 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Quote:>    For Sale -- Macintosh 17" (16" viewable) Trinitron color monitor.  
>Price is $750 plus shipping (or best offer).  Original cost was $1350.

Interested in a trade ??

FS/FT/WTD: Nice list to choose from ..

Hardware ------------------------------------------------
Radius VideoVision (Sealed)
RasterOp's MoviePak I JPEG Compression Card for 24stv, s4xltv, etc
(2) Radius 15" Pivot's GreyScale (1 w/ cable, 1 w/out cable)
NTR Upgrade Kit for Personal Laserwriter
CoStar LabelWriter II Plus
Shiva Netbridge (Localtalk)
ACROS 14" View 33 SVGA Color Monitor
Sound Mate Ultra, Pair 40 watt speakers (QuickShot)
(2) GeoPort Modems for PPC or Quadra AV
PowerBook Duo AC Adapter

Software ------------------------------------------------
U, FoxPro 2.5 Professional Edition
U, FoxPro 2.5 Standard Edition
U, Symantec C++ 7.0
U, SoftWindows 68k
U, Maxa's Alert
U, Datebook & Touchbase
U, Square One
U, Empire Deluxe
U, Pyro!
U, Serius Programmer
S, Symantec Anti Virus & GreatWorks
S, Soft PC 2.5
S, Soft AT 2.5
S, (2) Carbon Copy 2.0
S, RightWriter Mac 3.1 (Que)
S, Virex
S, Disklock (5th Generation)
S, SuperLaserSpool (5th Generation)
S, Quickeys2 2.1
S, Passport Producer (Passport)
S, TypeReader OCR
R, Now Utilities 4.1.2

Note: (S = Sealed / U = Unregistered / R = Registered)

Wanted ------------------------------------------------
CD-ROM Recoder (2x/4x record/playback, Sony, Phillips, Ricoh, Pinnacle)
Sony Laserdisk Player with Control-S/L jacks
Sony 8mm VCR (CVD, EVC, EVS Series)
Sony 8mm Camcorder  with Control-S/L jacks
Sony DAT Recorder

Apple Media Tool (All software PPC native if available)
Strata Studio Pro
Strata MediaPaint
Director 4.0
Super Wing Commander
Warlords II
ST:TNG Technical Manual
Dark Forces


1. FS: Director 5.0...going...going...almost gone...

Last chance to get into multimedia for a lots less than retail. The
unregistered Mac version of Director I got with my PowerTower 225 will
be sold to the highest biddrer as of 6:00 p.m. EST, Sunday, February 16.

You'll get the Application CD and an Electronic Documentation CD (sorry,
no book). Guaranteed to never have been registered or loaded onto any
computer. Drop me an e-mail with the high bid by 6:00 p.m. Sunday and
it's yours. And then fame and fortune will be just a few short years
(er, I mean months) away. :-)

Jim Nixon

P.S. The current high bid is less than half the retail price. Still lots
of room to save big bucks.

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