WANTED: Tom Slick QT movie

WANTED: Tom Slick QT movie

Post by Chris Rupn » Mon, 27 Feb 1995 07:27:33

 I am looking for the Tom Slick QT moovie that used to reside at
 FTP.APPLE.COM in the pub/pugh directory. I have secured the audio portion
 but i am looking for the full movie.



Chris Rupnik
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1. QT movies wanted

I am looking for two particular QT movies and was hoping that someone
who reads this group might be able to give me an address of a repository
of QT movies. I'm particularly interested in two QT movies. One was
called something like "Mac aerobics" & was a spoof of a TV aerobics show
doing movements called "click and drag" etc. The other movie was about
making a "virtual caffee". I've had a bit of a lurk in this group and
this question doesn't seem really appropriate, so apologies :-S

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