GIF extension for SuperPaint or GIF Drawer

GIF extension for SuperPaint or GIF Drawer

Post by Ronald Kini » Sat, 29 Oct 1994 06:44:13

I have Aldus Superpaint 3.0 and i want to create and edit gifs for my web
account and I want to use superpaint because gif converter doesn't offer
much editing capibilities.  I know i can probably use gifconverter to
change them into a pict for using in s.p. but i want to know if there is
someplace i get get an extension to place/export them right from
superpaint ( i know there is one, because i saw a superpaint 3.5 that had
it).  If not an extension i'd also like tips on a good shareware program
to make and draw them.


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1. Gif.gIf.giF - Animated GIF Screen Capturing

---------------------------- Announcing Gif.gIf.giF ---------------------------

Record the actions of your favorite software with Gif.gIf.giF and showcase
your animations on the World Wide Web! Gif.gIf.giF records all screen
activity as an animated GIF. The animations are small, as Gif.gIf.giF only
records the differences between frames rather than the entire frame.

There are examples on the Gif.gIf.giF website, at:


Gif.gIf.giF is useful for doing software demonstrations, tutorials, simple
animations, problem/success reports (it's easier to show something than
describe it sometimes)....

This was posted to let people know about the tools available. There is a
compression comparison between Gif.gIf.giF and other tools at the web site.
Gif.gIf.giF is available as shareware for both Macintosh and Windows platforms.

them here.

Jeff Tupper
Pedagoguery Software

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