A Drawing Tutorial and Coloring Line Art in Flash Tutorial

A Drawing Tutorial and Coloring Line Art in Flash Tutorial

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A Drawing Tutorial and Coloring Line Art in Flash Tutorial

I have completed two free tutorials for aspiring graphic artist who want to
understand the basics of graphic design, and the foundation of drawing from
a simple sketch to a professionally completed finished product.

The Tutorials are:

A Drawing Tutorial: - This tutorial covers drawing a samurai figure from a
stick figure (mannequin) to the developing steps to build the figure up to a
fully armored, inked and colored finished product. The tutorial also covers
tips on drawing, scanning, and transforming line art to vector graphics.


Coloring Line Art in Flash:- This tutorial covers coloring line art in
greater depth then the first tutorial.  The tutorial covers penciling,
inking, scanning, converting to vector, mid-tones, shadows, highlights,
gradients and transparencies.


Each tutorial is creating in Flash 5.0 and will require the Flash 5.0
plug-in.  You can download a projector version of these tutorials if you do
not use flash 5.0 from the main website.

Feel free to distribute these tutorials, add them to you website, forward
this e-mail to a friend, what you find useful will be useful to someone
else, so share these free tutorials with your community.

If you have any graphic related tutorials, or any good graphic sites, or
would like to submit a tutorial to my site, please contact me at:

Join the growing community and share your art, advice and skills with other
artist, cartoonist, animators, and art fans.


Any comments or questions:

More tutorials to follow so please bookmark this site:



            Ian Wilson

            Creator of the Iron Road.