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I am interested in installing ACE/gr xmgr on a workstation, but cannot
find the source.  In the past (as stated in the FAQ) it has been accessible
from or by anonymous ftp.  Neither
of these sites currently accept anonymous access.  Does anyone know where
the source can now be gotten?

Eric Salathe

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1. plot program xmgr (ACE/gr)?

New user of xmgr,
Version XMgr v3.01pl7 - Patch level 7


up to the present time I have used "gnuplot" (Linux) and
"origin 4.1" (Windows 95). Now I have seen the "xmgr"
program on my S.u.S.E.-Linux 5.0 computer. It seems to
have the same functionality as "origin 4.1".

But I have some problems getting started. I have found
some examples in the directory


I have done the following:



Check the script dotest and make sure that ACEGR points
to the correct copy of xmgr to be executed.

... (and so on)


No success, but I have read the file

into the program and that works. But I think it is more
useful to start with very simple examples:

*  plot a function
   like in gnuplot:
   > gnuplot
   gnuplot> plot tanh(x)
   How can I do this in xmgr?

*  read a datafile, and set the x-axis and the y-axis
   as logarithmic axes (log10). How can I achieve this?

Where can I find a tutor or a book about xmgr (ACE)?

(I have already printed out the standard ACE/gr:Help from the
 internet, but this is only a discription of all the functions.
 Something like a dictionary I can use, if I know to handle the
 basic functions. At first I need examples to do something! )

Yours sincerly
Nayel Farag, University of Saarbruecken,

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