FS/FT Hardware Frame Grabber

FS/FT Hardware Frame Grabber

Post by PJC » Fri, 15 Sep 2000 00:25:50

Data Translation ISA card model DT3851 w/ 8MB of onboard memory. The board
acquisition rates of 1 kS/s to 20 MHz.
0.5 Mpixels input size
compatible with NTSC, and PAL
More information can be found here:

Please not that this is not a low end video card with a video in. This is an
industrial frame grabber for high end video capture and processing.

If you are interested, send me a message and don't forget to remove the
anti-spam stuff.



1. Digital-Vision Frame 24 Bit Frame Grabber


  I`ve seen an advertisment about an 24 Bit realtime frame grabber from
  Digital-Vision for under 600 $. Cause i am living in germany, its pretty
  expensive to get info from the states directly and therefor i appreciate
  any comments on this (or alternative!) products.


  A r n d

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