problem with SGI -> QT movies

problem with SGI -> QT movies

Post by Mark Sandro » Wed, 24 May 1995 04:00:00

Someone here is trying to use the 'makemoov' program from the Quicktime
Movie Exchange Toolkit Version 1.0 to convert SGI RGB images into QT.
The problem is that the images are skewed on the Mac. They seem somehow
"stretched" horizontally, and also offset in the frame so that the image
is clipped at the right margin and "wraps around" to the left margin.

We have tried changing the various 'makemoov' options, without any luck,
so I'm hoping that someone here might have seen this problem and solved
it already.

Thanks for any help.

Mark Sandrock
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problem with SGI -> QT movies

Post by Old Ti » Sun, 04 Jun 1995 04:00:00

Try Debabelizer from Equilibrium.  World's greatest batch conversion
manipulation tool for the Mac.  I work at an animation studio and use it
regularly for everything from converting animation files from alias pix,
EIAS images to quicktime, numbered picts, tifs, or whatever else you may
need, shifting channels, sepiatoning an RGB animation, etc.  A must have
for any animators working multiple platforms/formats.


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