3D Studio error message; help needed

3D Studio error message; help needed

Post by <JMERR.. » Thu, 07 Oct 1993 01:13:17

Using just about any model, I get the error message "Invalid normal array"
when trying to render.  It does not seem to matter what any of my rendering
setting are; I still get the error.  I can't find reference to this error
message in any of the manuals.  I'm using 3DS v2.01a.

Could *anyone* give me an idea where this error is comming from and how
to fix it? Thanx for any help.
- Jim


1. 3D Studio R4 error message

I need somebody who knows about 3D Studio, especially release 4, to
explain an error message to me.  Autodesk has been no help whatsoever
since they want money for even talking to you.
Anyway, the error message is: "oops, went past end of dither buf 0\0".
I'm just wondering if it's a hardware problem or a software problem,
since I just got a new computer.  It's a pentium 75 with 8M of ram and a
Cirrus Logic 5434 PCI local bus.  Since there aren't any drivers for this
card, and my ram is the bare minimum, I'm wondering if that's the
problem. Either way, any input, suggestions or advice would be greatly
appreciated.  I'd hate to think I've got a great big expensive piece of
hardware that's totally useless to me.  (By the way, it's a student
version, if that makes any difference.  And the software all worked fine
on my 486.)
Thanks in advance.

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