IrisGL viewport() with GLX widget problem

IrisGL viewport() with GLX widget problem

Post by Herc Silverste » Sun, 21 Aug 1994 05:41:29

I'm converting an IrisGL program to be a mixed model application.
In the IrisGL application we did the above and it worked fine, but
now using the glxMDraw widget my images are not keeping their aspect
ratio like they used to, but rather they're getting squashed when
I resize the window.

If I am using a glxMDraw widget and, say, it is 100 by 500 pixels,
can I do a viewport(0, 500, 0, 500)?  That is, will I be able
to draw to a square region (500x500) and have the window clip the image?
Or does my viewport command really get turned into:
viewport(0,100, 0,500)?


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I'm developping an animation program with GL on RS6000, AIX 3.2
I have a lot of problems with the GLXwidget (mixed mode with GL
and Motif).
I found the sources for this widget in /usr/lpp/GL/utilities/widgets.

The GLXwinset function doesn't seem to run correctly.
For instance, when I try to have animations on multi-windows:
all of the animations are drawn in the last window created,
the first one is forgotten (no refresh, no resize).

Events like arm, drag, release on a glxwindow block the machine.

I have the source code for the GLXwidget dating from the 4/5/93.
Is there anynew one ? Or does anyone have an idea on how to
correct those bugs ?
My application runs correctly on other machines (SGI, SUN, HP).

I also have some problems with texturing in GL: all the functions
relative to texture ( texdef2d, texbind, ...) are undefined.
Are textures totaly unimplemented in GL for IBM ?

Thank you for your help.


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