ANNOUNCE: 2.1 of OpenGL Utility Toolkit

ANNOUNCE: 2.1 of OpenGL Utility Toolkit

Post by Mark Kilga » Sat, 01 Apr 1995 04:00:00

OpenGL programmers wanting a simple OpenGL toolkit,

The OpenGL Utility Toolkit (GLUT) is a toolkit for making it easier to
explore OpenGL programming.  It implements a simple windowing API for
OpenGL.  GLUT was described in the Nov/Dec '94 issue of The X Journal
magazine.  I am now announcing version 2.1 of the GLUT API version 2

The 2.1 distribution fixes bugs and improves portability.  All GLUT
2.0 users are encouraged to upgrade to GLUT 2.1.

The purpose of GLUT is to make OpenGL programming much easier so those
interested in 3D graphics can easily begin exploring OpenGL.  You will
need an OpenGL development system for X to make use of this GLUT
implementation.  GLUT is designed to be window system independent so a
Windows NT and/or OS/2 implementation should be possible, making GLUT a
truly portable interface for 3D graphics (I am only supplying an X11

You can get the distribution by anonymous ftp to in the
pub/opengl/xjournal/GLUT directory.  For URL literate people, try:

You will find the following:

  README                    2 Kb    Thu Mar 30 17:03:00 1995
  glut.2.1.tar.Z          638 Kb    Thu Mar 30 17:03:00 1995        138 Kb    Thu Mar 30 17:03:00 1995       113 Kb    Thu Mar 30 17:03:00 1995

glut.2.1.tar.Z is the GLUT distribution itself.  It includes the
library source code, a set of GLUT test programs, example GLUT
programs, and an example of implementing a GLUT Fortran binding (for
IRIX 5.3).

GLUT example programs include a 3D origami program which folds a paper
airplane (origami); dolphins, whales, and sharks swimming in a 3D ocean
(atlantis); an MTV-like texture mapping demo of the face of yours truly
(mjkwarp); a 3D lighting laboratory (lightlab); spinning 3D hoops that
form the olympic logo (olympic); a 3D sliding block puzzle (glpuzzle);
the classic SGI Ideas in Motion demo in GLUT (ideas); a spinning cube
projecting a shadow (scube); spotlight demo (spots); etc.  A large
number of the OpenGL Programming Guide examples are now converted to
GLUT. is PostScript (5 pages) for my first OpenGL column
published in The X Journal.  The article will introduce you to the
basics of GLUT programming. is a PostScript (63 pages) version of the GLUT
specification (updated for 2.1).

The GLUT distribution should work on the following platforms:

  o  DEC Alpha workstation running OSF/1 with Open3D layered product

  o  IBM RS/6000 workstations running AIX with OpenGL support

  o  SGI workstation running IRIX 5.2 or higher supporting OpenGL

  o  Template Graphics Software's OpenGL for Sun workstations

  o  Mesa 1.1 for Unix workstations.

If you are interested in future columns about GLUT and OpenGL in The X
Journal, try The X Journal home page:

Questions about GLUT can be directed to the

LEGAL STUFF:  The programs and documentation in the GLUT distribution
were developed by Mark J. Kilgard and are Copyright 1994 by Mark J.
Kilgard.  The programs are not in the public domain, but they are
freely distributable without licensing fees.  These programs are
provided without guarantee or warrantee expressed or implied.  GLUT is
not endorsed by Silicon Graphics, Inc. or the OpenGL Architectural
Review Board.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS:  Much thanks to OpenGL engineers at DEC, IBM,
Microsoft, SGI, and TGS as well as Brian Paul from the University of
Wisconsin for helping me ensure the portability of this code to non-SGI
graphics platforms.  Also thank you to GLUT users for your feedback and
bug fixes.

(Sorry, there is *not* a PEX version.  Don't be silly!  In the words of
Open Systems Today, "The 3-D graphics API wars are over, and OpenGL has
won." 11/28/94)

- Mark Kilgard