CyberArt site might hit 250 visitors in 2 weeks!

CyberArt site might hit 250 visitors in 2 weeks!

Post by Derek Jo » Sun, 09 Nov 1997 04:00:00

Many thanks for your support, I'v had a first rate response to my
requests for guest images so much so I will be expanding this site
before next weekend to include more *artists, the quality
of work and technical skills out there is very impressive.

Many thanks for your E-mails and images watch this space(as they say)

lets see if we can push that counter past 250!!


1. image bigger than 250*250 in imagelist possible??

Hi folks,

I unsuccessfully tried to get bitmaps ~600*400 in my ImageList.
When I try to compile it, I got an error message that the DFM can't be
Trying to save the whole project delphi let me know that the info of the
ImageList can't be saved.

When I reduce the size of the Imagelist to 250*250 it works fine.

Who can help me?



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