Help needed Formac 19/400 monitor

Help needed Formac 19/400 monitor

Post by Matthew Harol » Tue, 22 Aug 2000 04:00:00

I have just bought a Formac 19/400 monitor to use on a G4/400 AGP Mac
The problem is that the name of the monitor that appears at the top of the
monitors control panel keeps randomly changing whenever I restart or turn on
the computer.
Sometimes it is a VGA display other times an AT1099DA-1, the resolutions I
can choose depend on which type it comes up as (loads of choice with VGA)
Formac support have got to the usual we don't know what is going on, you are
on you own type of advice.
I guess that the plug and play of the Mac or Monitor is knackered.
Also is it usual when the Mac is off and the monitor on, for the monitor to
come up with the no signal found message.
Has anyone else had a similar problem (I've looked and can't find anything),
is the monitor a bad'un or is there a way to force the Mac to select a
particular monitor.

Thanks in advance



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Hello Apple users,

I am not very much in the Apple world, so please excuse me, if this
is a FAQ.

I bought a 19" monitor made by SIGMA DESIGNS and would like to
get some technical information.

The model is Silver View (TM).
Model No. SVM-00-2100-Z.

Would someone who knows this monitor please help me out by sending
the folloeing information:

1.) pinout of the 15-pin connector at the back (video)

2.) Vertical frequency

3.) Horizontal frequency

4.) Refresh rate

5.) Resolution

I was told that this monitor was conected to a Apple once, so I think
that someone reading this board can help me.

Thanks in advance


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