IBM IFF (Interchange File Format) to/from anything else

IBM IFF (Interchange File Format) to/from anything else

Post by Paul Bail » Fri, 30 Oct 1992 08:17:07

I am looking for any existing translations to/from IBM Interchange File Format
used by GFIS (Geographic Facilities Information System) in the GPG and GDBS

The system maintains connectivity information, as well as graphic and attribute
data about the facilities managed by the system.  We are looking for ways to
transfer data to and from CAD and GIS systems to the GFIS environment, and
are trying to avoid re-inventing a wheel.  Some formats that may be helpful
would be ARC/INFO generate or export, Intergraph DGN, SIF, or MGE, or perhaps
graphics separated into DXF files with links to Dbase or Oracle via static

btw: our company represents raster to vector conversion software, and
customization for the utility industry (gas,electric,phone,catv,water,etc.)

Paul Bailey
Information & Graphics Systems
(800) 447-4630 x146


1. program to convert IBM PC's TIFF, PCX, BMP graphics file to Amiga IFF files


Could anybody tell me if theres are shareware programs that I can download
from to convert PC's TIFF, PCX, BMP graphics files to Amiga's IFF files.

Please reply to my email address at

Thanks for your word of wisdom and have a Happy New Year.

Phu Sam

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