POVRay, DEC 5100, Ultrix, Problems??

POVRay, DEC 5100, Ultrix, Problems??

Post by mor.. » Mon, 18 Nov 1991 12:03:24


        This being my first post to this newsgroup, please bear with my
ignorance!!  I'm a beginning ray tracee and have recently ported the POVRay
tracer to a DEC 5100 running Ultrix 4.2.  The port wasn't very difficult, and
the program *seems* to be running fine.  Now the problems.  We don't have any
display facilities on our system, so I downloaded the RAW file to my Amiga to
post-process and display.  Anything wrong with this picture yet?  I don't know,
I'm asking.  The picture (the sample sunset.dat that comes with the package)
looks, frankly, like shit.  I ran the .dat file through DKBTrace 2.12 on the
Amiga, and it looks fine.  I really don't know what my problem is!! I guess
what I'm asking is if anyone knows of any problems with running the program
on my machine, or with downloading via Kermit (I'm trying to find zmodem for
the Ultrix now), or anything else that might prevent me from doing my
computations on the DEC.  Any and all help will greatly appreciated!!!

                                                    Thanx in advance,

                                                         Charlie Morris
                                                           'The Mouse'

P.S. -- Please!!


1. compile cdf library with gnu gcc on a dec ultrix machine

do you have any experience to compile the cdf library (version 2.4, 2-25-94)
on a dec ultrix machine using gcc?

i compile the library with the following statement:
        make all OS=ultrix CC=gcc

gcc screams at the second parameter of va_arg().  seems like it only
take one.  any suggestions?

thanks in advance.


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