Graphix formats Question

Graphix formats Question

Post by Judy » Thu, 03 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Can someone refer me to a site or book that explains the various types
of Graphix formats (pros, cons and best uses) I'm familiar with a few
such as .wmf .bmp .tif .gif .jpg and .png but I have no idea which of
these has the best resolution etc.

Thanks for your help,


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Hello, graphics wizards. I am a writer writing a very off-the-wall short story
and need to know the simplest way to achieve a graphic effect.

What I need to end up with is a page of ordinary letters (text) which, instead
of being organized into words, are distributed individually and rotated to
degrees of my choosing. In other words, I need individual letters located
wherever I wnat them, and rotated in whatever direction I want to.
It would also be helpful if they could be scaled to different sizes.

The stuff I have, currently, available to do this, is Word Perfect 5.1, a
Publisher's Powerpak fots package, an HP Laserjet 2p printer, and a msdos

However, I can also get most any other softwear I might need, unfortunately,
I have no idea what that might be. Any help with requirements, or techniques,
by mail or followup post, would be greatly appreciated.

G.O. Benton
Santa Rosa, CA.

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