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About Irfan

Post by pierr.. » Wed, 19 Dec 2001 01:44:32

Hi to all

I use IrfanView 3.61. There is an option via image/enhance
colors/brightness. My graphic adapter (ATI Rage Pro) works better when I
set brightness to 70. How to set this value permanently (somewhere in a
config or ini file)? Each time I load a new picture, it resets to 0


1. anybody used Irfan View ??

I've been looking for freeware graphics file converters, at least one that
will take a .tif (which comes with Broderbund clip art) and convert it to
something that can be used in their Print Shop Premiere, which strangely
will not import a .tif file.

One that looks intersting is Ifran View.  Has anybody tried this one, and
does it have any liabilities?

I am also considering Planet View, which only seems to convert to .gif,
.jpg and .bmp (the last will probably work in Print Shop)--or Free View,
which only converts to .bmp and .jpg.

I also would like to find something that will allow me to color a black
and white .tiff for use in print projects, which will be printed on an HP
OfficeJet 500.

Brendan Wehrung

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