RenderMan bindings/interpreted langs??

RenderMan bindings/interpreted langs??

Post by Gary McTagga » Tue, 03 Aug 1993 02:56:55

Does anyone know of RenderMan bindings for any interpreted language?

Gary McTaggart


1. ANNOUNCE: RenderMan Java Bindings v0.92.4 available

        Version 0.92.4 of the RenderMan Java bindings are now
vailable at .  Changes
in this release include

        -- Source Code.  The full Java source for the bindings and
           the included RIB output implementation, as well as the
           included RIB parser, are now provided for download.  As
           Java precompiled bytecode is highly portable, most
           people will not have need of the source code, and hence
           the primary distribution still includes precompiled
           class files.  Those interested in extending the bindings
           or trying to track down bugs themselves, however, may
           now do so.
        -- PRMan 3.8 support, including the Subdivision Surface
           interface and inlined parameter declarations
        -- Package name has been changed to
        -- Class files are now packaged in a convenient JAR format

        Interest has been expressed for a Java interface to the new
shared-library shadeops support in PRMan 3.8, which would in effect
allow Java code to contribute to shader calculations during
rendering.  Please let me know if it is important to you that such
functionality be investigated for possible inclusion in future

        The Java RenderMan bindings are an effort to allow the
interaction of photorealistic modelling and rendering applications
written in Java via Pixar's RenderMan API.  They currently include
a prototype binding, a reference implementation which generates
RIB files, and a RIB parser which interfaces to the bindings.  All
code is pure Java, and so should work without modification on any
platform with Java 1.1 or Java 2 package support.

        For more information and to download the package, visit


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