Why don't render motion blur? DiskCached particles

Why don't render motion blur? DiskCached particles

Post by mil » Thu, 24 Jul 2003 17:03:11

First, sorry! I don't speak english very well.

Prman's particle rendering is very good.(motion blur,shadow....)
But disk cached particles are no motion blur in Maya.

Is there no way that how to render cached particles with motion blur?


1. ZDepth in Hardware Rendered Particles Don't Work

Ok this is a bit of silly question,

I'm trying to render out hardware particles, I'm using multi-streak particle
types, and I'd also like to render out a ZDepth channel with it.   Yes, I've
toggled on the "Write ZDepth" attribute and I've rendered to Zdepth friendly
formats (rla and iff) but the z channel always turns up blank.
Incidentally, I have no problem with rendering ZDepth information using the
software renderer.

This sounds an awful lot like a pretty critical bug.  Is there a workaround
or is there something I'm missing here?

Thanks in advance,

Mark Ainslie
Animatorus Tridimentia Canadianum

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