EG'98 - Call for Interactive Media Demonstrations

EG'98 - Call for Interactive Media Demonstrations

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                        E U R O G R A P H I C S ' 9 8
                        ``Discovering New Realities''

                August 31 - September 4 1998, LISBON, PORTUGAL

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                 Call for Interactive Media Demonstrations

Deadline: May 8th 1998

* Interactive Media Demonstrations *

We invite authors to submit proposals for demonstrations of interactive
computer graphics and multimedia systems. Demos can illustrate paperss
presented at the conference although this is not required. In accordance
with the conference theme, "Discovering New Realities", there will be
a competition of demonstrations of Virtual Worlds. A prize will be awarded
to the best entry based on technical and artistic merit.

* Submissions *

Submissions should include the following:

- Author identification (please use the form below).

- A summary of the exhibit.

- A description of hardware and software requirements.
** If you have special requirements: please state if you can bring the
** necessary hardware and software to the conference.

- A PAL or NTSC VHS videotape of the demonstration (optional but recommended).

Submissions must be received no later than May 8th 1998. Authors will be
notified of acceptance by June 15th 1998. Please submit demonstration

and videotapes to the conference secretariat (see below).

                          EG'98 Demos Submission Form

(Please fill in and submit one form for each entry.)

Title: ____________________________________________
Contact Author: __________________________________
Company/University: ______________________________
Address: _________________________________________
Telephone: ____________
Fax: __________________
Email: ______________
Software: ___________________
Hardware: ___________________
Description: ______________________________________

* Contacts *

If you have questions or comments concerning interactive media demos please

Submit videotapes to the Conference Secretariat:
c/o Ms. Paula Monteiro
INESC, Rua Alves Redol, 9, 1000 Lisbon Portugal
tel: +351 1 310 0336 fax: +351 1  314 58 43