An appeal to readers (Graphics Gems)

An appeal to readers (Graphics Gems)

Post by Davyd Norr » Wed, 22 Aug 1990 15:08:37

Hi all,

I'm posting this article here because I feel most of you will sympathise with
me and someone out there might even be able to help me.

Being from Down Under, we are slow to get things from overseas, and this
particular example is no exception.  I went into my favorite bookshop today to
order (I knew they wouldn't have it!) Graphics Gems.  After almost an hour, I
was told that it would be a *three month* wait, and that it would cost

I would *love* to get this book sometime before Christmas 2000, and hopefully
at a lower price.  I wondered if there was anyone out there who:

a)      has access to copies of Graphics Gems by Andrew Glassner
b)      would be willing to purchase a copy for me and post it over.

note: I will pay the person in advance by cheque or money order for any costs
incurred (post, purchase price, packaging etc.).  Maybe I'm a sucker to offer
to send money to someone I've never met or will never meet, but I'm a trusting
sucker, and I rely on 'The Net Honor Code' that binds all of us together!!


PS. Please email replies direct to me, and we'll take it from there.
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Is there any way  after ALL procedures done by user (scale, translate,
rotate and so on) to find out how do the coordinates of the drawings (3d)
map onto the view port (x, y z of the vertexes in pixels? in any other
I am using IRIX GL and there seem to be not a hint on it in any of the

Please e-mail me - i am not an avid news reader. Thanks in advance for
any suggestios and help.
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