Silitek Scanner (aka Corex Business Card Scanner)

Silitek Scanner (aka Corex Business Card Scanner)

Post by Kenneth David Yag » Wed, 12 Apr 1995 04:00:00

I have the Silitek BCR I/F Scanner that ships with Corex
CardScan for Windows.  I believe this scanner may be shipped in
packages too.  I need to use it without the corex software.
Corex sent me a twain driver (Twain Interface 1.2B) from
Silitek, but it is buggy and Corex doesn't support it.  Does
anyone know of where I could get a twain interface for this
product?  Silitek is a foreign company and I don't know how to
reach them.

Please email responses.


Ken Yagen
University of *ia


1. WANTED: Scanner for credit card sized cards

I am looking for a scanner to scan a credit card. The requirementss are as
  . The scanner can scan a credit card size PVC card.
  . Either PAL or NSTC standard.
  . Able to scan in the finger print image on the card.
  . Resolution : > 256 DPI,
  . The scanner should be able to mount on desktop.

contact: NEC Singapore Pte Ltd
         Mr Teo Chee Meng
         Software Development Centre
         Tel: (65)-2772-455
         Fax: (65)-2715-988

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