the right sgi box for video post production

the right sgi box for video post production

Post by Mr. Mahesh Murt » Wed, 20 Apr 1994 23:47:48

i'm looking for advice from all of you sgi graphics experts. we're
planning to set up a video post-production facility: on-line, non-linear
editing atfirst, possibly followed by 3D animation, photo retouching and more.

we initially want beta or better broadcast quality - the closer to d1 the
better. we're looking for enough, fast storage to be comfortable: perhaps
30 to 45 minutes of broadcast quality or more

(software might be softimage digital studio elements or discreet logic flint)

what hardware configuration is right for a small company like us who are
putting everything on the line? and what might be the most cost-effective
solution, that allows for a lower investment now, but upgradation - not
obsoleescence - as we get bigger?

we like resolution-independent software as five years from now we could be
doing film (2k by 2k) work

its an open ended question - pls take the time - and trouble to answer.
our future could depend on it.



1. Silicon Graphics (SGI) Video Post-Production Software Engineer, Mountain View, CA

Silicon Graphics has an open position in its Mountain View
headquarters for a video post-production software engineer. This
engineer will provide technical support and consulting to our
Advanced Graphics Division software development partners in the
video, film post-production, and broadcast markets. A primary goal
is to assure that Advanced Graphics product features are incorporated
into software products developed by our "video partners." This
engineer will develop application modules and small programs to easily
incorporate advanced graphics capabilities into video software
products, optimize code and software products for SGI platforms, and
work closely with SGI engineering teams to influence hardware and
software design for improved performance and usability. This position
will involve up to 30% travel to SGI video partner locations, both
domestic and international.

This position requires a BS in Computer Science, or equivalent, plus
3 or more years industry experience, including programming in C and
C++, and strong interpersonal skills to interface with Engineering,
Marketing, and customers. Experience with SGI hardware and software
is highly desirable.

To apply for this position or learn more about current opportunities
in SGI's Advanced Graphics Division, contact Susan Raskin at

Principals only, please.

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