Post by francoi » Fri, 28 Aug 1998 04:00:00

    I' ve sometimes strange polygons and Indy hangs with black screen
when I visualize  big data flows ( ex: Vis5D 4.3  in Volume mode ). I'
ve installed  patches 1826 and some other . Less buggy but still there.
Any ideas ?



1. Video BLACKout on Indy 46K (Irix 5.3)


         One of our faculty members have an Indy 46K (running Irix 5.3)
which developed the following video problem: at various times, but
usually 5-20 minutes after a cold boot the screen goes BLACK (as if the
screen/lowpower saver were kicking in - and the video monitor led
for low-power mode goes on) but no amount of keyboard action or
mouse action will get it back -- you have to reboot the damn system.

I have done the following:

  1. installed all X, video, and graphics patches for Irix 5.3 (no change)
  2. temporarily disabled the network, removed extra peripherals, and
     dropped to a minimal, stand-alone system (no change)
  3. temporarily disabled the screen saver (no change)
  4. tried running an MIT-type .xsession instead of using the
     "reaper" (no change)

If I (re-enable the network and) telnet in, su to root, and send a
SIGHUP to Xsgi it comes to life but this is not an option for the
faculty member (who wants to have the machine at home).

If anyone has any other ideas I am receptive to considering anything
at this stage (execpt black magic).

I have been reading all SGI FAQ's (again and again). One thing puzzles
me. This particular problem is referred to as a "rollup." I am more
used to Suns, VaxStatations, and AlphaStations and haven't come
across this term before. Does it have some specific meaning or
does "rollup" just mean "fuckup?"

                Marc Thomas

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