THE MPEG-TRAIL-PACK - Get over 70 MB of MPEG-Movies, -Utils eg.

THE MPEG-TRAIL-PACK - Get over 70 MB of MPEG-Movies, -Utils eg.

Post by Frank Gadega » Tue, 06 Jul 1993 19:09:14

        THE MPEG-TRAIL-PACK                       5. July 1993
        PHADE SOFTWARE Leibnizstr. 30, 1000 Berlin 12, GERMANY
        Inh. Frank Gadegast            Fon/Fax: +49 30 3128103

== INFO ===================================================================


You can purchase a complete archive named the "Trail-Pack" including the
FAQ and all named programs, source-code, movies and information-files.

This archive includes (in addition to the ftp-access) all versions of the
programs and source-code, additional movies (including the audio-wav-files)
and lots of additional informations.

It will contain at least

      2,826,398 AUDIO                      ( )
     22,483,287 BIGMOVIE                   ( )
        836,301 CODEC                      ( )
      1,263,884 DEMO                       ( )
      1,489,430 DOC                        ( )
        393,154 FAQ                        ( )
     11,329,912 MOVIES                     ( )
      4,542,683 NVR                        ( )
      3,404,756 NVRMOVIE                   ( )
      3,575,515 NEWS                       ( )
      2,589,044 UTIL                       ( )
     17,010,079 VIDEOS                     ( )
     +          UNPACKING UTILS             ^-- check the sections here !

     Total = 72,023,994 bytes  > 120 MB uncompressed MPEG !

== HOW TO =================================================================

To obtain the "Trail-Pack" send a envelope, with the big-written
key-word "Trail-Pack" on it to:

      Inh. Frank Gadegast

      Leibnizstr. 30
      10625 Berlin

      G E R M A N Y

and include in it (for the Floppy-Trail-Pack AND the Tape-Trail-Pack):

 o  40 DM (fourty German Marks), to pay the time I spend on copying disks
    and going to the post (money, that will be over, will be used to
    prepare the next version of the MPEG-FAQ). Please do NOT included ANY

 o  a hard-cover-envelope (big and strong enough to carry the 40 floppy-
    disks or the QIC-tape, written with YOUR correct adress.

 o  enough money (at least 25 DM from other countries, 10 DM from inside
    Germany) to pay the postage of the "Trail-Pack" (the postage of your
    package to me, should be nearly the same, compared to, what I have to
    spend, to send the "Trail-Pack"; so, if you are living in Australia,
    send MORE money; the last package back to Australia did cost DM 42 !).
    Again, please do NOT include ANY coins nor checks.

for the Tape-Trail-Pack:

Quote:>>> NEW ! You can receive the trail-pack on tape <<<

 o  send me a QIC-tape (Quarter Inch Cartridge). I can write QIC-120,
    QIC-150 and QIC-250. You will get the tape back with the complete
    MPEG-archive on it in tar-format (no problem for Unix, for DOS you
    will need a SCSI-Streamer, the ASPI-Interface from Adaptec and Gnu-tar).

    I DO NOT:

    - take any floppy-streamer-tapes (Colorado eg.)
    - use any funny or comercial backup-programms (PC-Tools, Norton eg.)

for the Floppy-Trail-Pack:

 o  40 HD-floppy-disk (3-1/2" or 5-1/2"), allready formatted (MSDOS).
    If this FAQ is older than about 3 month (please look at the date
    at the top) included a few MORE floppy-disk, because the archive is
    growing day by day.

    IF YOU:

    - send less than 40 floppy-disks, please check the listing above,
      which sections of the archive you want to receive and send me a
      printout of the list

== HINTS ==================================================================

Try to send me a ENVELOPE, not a packet. It should go through the letter

NOTE: There is no guarantee, how, and when you will get the "Trail-Pack"
      back. I'll do my best to prepare the packages as quick as possible.
      But I can't guarantee for the post ;o)

NOTE: Please do not send any schecks nor try to pay via credit-cards.

NOTE: Requests, that are NOT complete will be send back, using the
      included money. Is no money included, nothing will be send back
      and my archive will thank you for your floppy-disk-gift !!!
      Is there no money neither floppy-disks nor tapes, your envelope will
      go to the bin.

NOTE: This is NOT a commercial offer, it's a service for those, that
      don't have internet-access !!!