video card woes

video card woes

Post by Stephen V. Snyder, Jr » Mon, 03 Jan 2000 04:00:00

Can't figure this one out:

Trouble running Half Life, original and OP4, both on and off line.
Seems as soon as the graphics demand gets a little intense, the pc locks
up.  Now I've ran it for the past year with no probs on my little ATI
Rage Pro x2 and my old KDS 15", but since the Syncmaster 950p is on
board, no luck.  Loads, plays, and dies randomly (can be 30 secs or 5

Think this is a monitor/video card problem or just one or the other?


1. Power Mac AV card and video input woes

When I first got my Power Mac 6100/60av and was using a 20" color monitor
hung off the AV card video, I could display video in a window (with Video
Monitor or FusionRecorder fine). However, that monitor broke and I
switched to the AudioVision 14 display, and now I can't display video

I'm running the AudioVision off the HDI-45 connector, with version 1.0.2
of its software (from, which appears to be the
latest. I have a VCR hooked up to the s-video in connector on the AV card,
through the s-video to composite cable supplied. Sound goes right to my
motherboard mike jack. I have no monitor on the AV card now.

I can get sound in and playthrough, but video appears as gibberish -- if
at all. Mostly, I get the warning that the built-in digitizer cannot
display video in the current number of colors. I've fiddled with the
settings in the Monitor cp, changing the AudioVision to b/w along with the
AV card video, and even that setup won't let me see video. Switching
between "display video on monitor" and "...on television" doesn't seem to
do any good, either.

I've also played around with the "Source" options in Video Monitor
extensively, all to no avail. Any ideas, anyone?
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