What's ordered dithering algorithm

What's ordered dithering algorithm

Post by Yung-Yu Chua » Sat, 28 Jan 1995 06:21:27

    I recently work on the development of MPEG player, and I need
the dithering algorithm to speed up my program.  The error-diffusion
algorthm is too slow to achieve real-time requirement.  I think that
ordered dithering is the better choice.  However, I can't find how
the ordered dithering algorithm works for color image(especially
in YIQ spectrum).  In Foley and Van Dam's book, there is some statements
on it, but most for gray-level and suitable for printer.  If someone
has ideas on it or source about it, please contact with me.

                                                Yung-Yu Chuang


1. Need a good ordered color dithering algorithm

        I am looking for a good ordered color dithering algorithm that is not
based upon the Floyd-steinberg or typical random dithering algorithms.  I'm
specifically looking to take 24-bits down to 6- or 8-bits.

        If anyone knows of any code, references, periodicals, software, etc.
that may of be help, please send me the info via email.


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