POLYRAY: keyframe animator ('Tweener v0.8)- using MORAY to create keyframes

POLYRAY: keyframe animator ('Tweener v0.8)- using MORAY to create keyframes

Post by dearma » Tue, 06 May 1997 04:00:00

Just wondering what sort of happiness a keyframe in-betweener would
bring to any POLYRAY users out there.

I'm done with a sort of pre-alpha version of what I'm calling
"'Tweener". So far it's passed all the basic parsing tests for reading
in data from scripted POLYRAY files made by MORAY v2.02.  Right now (and
for the immediate future) it supports up to 5 keyframes each with up to
1300 objects at a time.  I've posted the current documentation for it at
my site in the DORK area, so you can peruse it and see what you think
along with a sample (small and bad) animation you can run on any PC.

Basic summary:  using MORAY you create your scene then export it (that's
a keyframe), move your objects and export that (another keyframe),
etc... up to 5 times.  Then you run 'Tweener, it loads all the data and
you set up movement styles (smooth, jerky, accelerating, etc...) and a
few other details such as # of frames for the total animation and
viola!  You should be able to get guys walking and stuff pretty easily,
although I find it a challenge as deciding what makes a good keyframe IS
the animators art, no?

My question (sorta) is this:  am I reinventing someone else's wheel?  If
you've already made this sort of utility (for POLYRAY), then tell me
please.  If not, then let me hear from you if you use POLYRAY as to what
sorts of features it NEEDS to have in order for it to be handy.  read
through the beta-version docs as they stand now and tell me.  Keep in
mind I have a few features I'll be adding which I have yet to write up
in the docs.

The URL is below:

bye for now

"Dream it, model it, render it, animate it, damn it..."

La Musique Petite Challenge along with some raytrace stuff are at:


1. another FWIW: Tweener v0.9 Beta done. (POLYRAY/MORAY)

This basic in-betweener can help with animation in POLYRAY by using
Keyframes you script or make in MORAY v2.02+ and setting up the
interpolation between them.

So far supported: basic spline paths (10 paths with up to 15 points
each- but heck, you can hand-code these pretty easily too in POLYRAY),
spotlights (from, at, fall-off, angle), camera field of view, up to 10
keyframes with 600 primitives each, and basic Speed-to and Slow-to's are
also supported accurately over 2 keyframes even though you can do them
over more.  And all the usual basic stuff you'd expect, such as
transformations (rotate/scale/translate).

I killed a lotta bugs from v0.8 if you downloaded that one. This one may
actually work for ya! :)

Anyway, it's at my site below, in the DORK area...
"And Lo, I created life one... frame... at... a... time...
 And on the seventh frame... I REALIZED I HAD 8,633 more to go!"

La Musique Petite Challenge
The DORK page: Dearmad's official raytracing Krud


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