Writting a JPEG file with JAVA?

Writting a JPEG file with JAVA?

Post by Sparky McPhree » Fri, 02 Oct 1998 04:00:00

Has anyone seen some source code for using a java.image as the source for
writting out a jpeg file?



1. POVRay 3.0 for Win32 not writting to file

Could I get some help with this.

I raytraced a image that took 3 days 10 hours and it never wrote
to a output file.  The image was created on screen, yet no output file.

I checked my POVRAY.INI file and the images directory is correct,
yet there is still no file there.  Is there anyway to save the file that
was raytraced on the screen?  or have I lost 3 days of work.

Please email me with any thoughts.


Dean Sullinger

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