DragNDrop from an App to The Magic Desktop

DragNDrop from an App to The Magic Desktop

Post by Mark Burto » Wed, 03 May 1995 04:00:00

I would like to implement DragNDrop from my application onto
Icons which exist on the desktop. This would allow my app to
drop a "PATH" on an icon and start the application appropriately,
just as if the FileManager had done it.

So far I have implemented what I believe to be standard Motif
calls (borrowed from The Programming Manual), and I have gotten
the XmNconvertProc called. This routine stuffs the return values
as follows:

convertProc( Widget w,
             Atom* selection, Atom* target, Atom* type,
             XtPointer* value, unsigned long* length, int* format)
    DragConvertPtr  conv;
    Boolean converted = False;
    Display  *display = XtDisplay(w);
    Atom     TARGETS = XmInternAtom( display, "TARGETS", False);
    Atom     SGI_ICON = XmInternAtom( display, "_SGI_ICON", False);
    Atom     MOTIF_DROP = XmInternAtom( display, "_MOTIF_DROP", False);

    /* get the widget that initiated the drag */
    XtVaGetValues( w, XmNclientData, &conv, NULL, 0);
    Widget widget = (Widget) conv->widget;

    /* Make sure we are doing a motif drag by checking if the widget that
     * is passed in is a drag context. Make sure the widget in the client
     * data is not NULL.
    if( !widget || !XmIsDragContext( w) || *selection != MOTIF_DROP)
        return converted;

    if( *target == SGI_ICON) {

        const char* const name = "/usr/people/mark/string_test";
        char* m_name = XtMalloc( strlen( name) + 1);
        strcpy( m_name, name);
        *type = SGI_ICON;
        *value = (XtPointer)m_name;
        *length = strlen( m_name) + 1;
        *format = 8;
        converted = True;

    } else if (*target == TARGETS) {
        printf( "got here?");

    return converted;


1) The Drop looks correct in that the icon absorbes the drop, however,
the $SELECTED variable in the .ftr never seems to be set. I feel I
am missing something. Any ideas?

2) I would like this to be compliant over releases, so is the correct
behavior part of some standard, or is it going to be catch-is-catch-can
from release to release?

Thanks in advance for any insights,


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