Inkjet printing and Freehand 10

Inkjet printing and Freehand 10

Post by Tony Feena » Wed, 19 Sep 2001 20:04:52

Hello all,
When printing to Epson Pro XL and Epson 3000 (not Postscript printers) from
Freehand 10 document (MacOS9.2) Postscript fonts are very bitty;  as though
AdobeTypeManager not kicking in. Document in F'hand 8 printing ok.
Have re-installed Freehand 10, ATM, printer drivers. Printers OK when
printing from any other applications.    As this happened suddenly (was
printing ok before) presume something broke; but what?
Help! Wisdom appreciated.

Tony Feenan
Media Services,
University of Ulster


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