Beta testers needed for Aqsis RenderMan Renderer

Beta testers needed for Aqsis RenderMan Renderer

Post by Matth?us Chajd » Mon, 11 Aug 2003 01:08:00


Aqsis, a Renderman compliant renderer, is now after five years of
development entering a crucial phase. While features have been added
step by step for several years, the whole Aqsis team is now
concentrating on stability and performance. To accomplish this, we
need your help! Please go ahead and get the latest release from and test it. As Aqsis is OpenSource, you will
never have  to pay anything, even for commercially based work , and
you can easily modify the source code. Try everything, most features
have been tested, but usually not under production conditions. We
would like to see Aqsis being used for commercial projects movies,
games or CAD visualization, for example. If you have never heard of
Aqsis before, then you can read a bit about the feature-set of Aqsis

Supported platforms:

* Linux
* Windows (98/ME and NT/2000/XP)
* Mac OS X


* Compatible with the RenderMan? Interface
o RenderMan? shading language for shaders
o RIB or direct linkage for scenes

* REYES based
o High speed
o Very low memory consumption
o High-quality anti-aliasing
o Fast 3D motion blur with support for arbitrary number of motion
o True sub-pixel displacements
o Efficient handling of NURBS and subdivision surfaces
o Occlusion culling

* Rich geometry support
o Subdivision surfaces with creases
o Polygons
o Curves
o Points
o Quadrics
o Full support for CSG

* Programmable shading
o Support for light, surface, displacement, atmosphere and imager
o Support for DSO shadeops
o Arbitrary output variables
o Built-in baking functions

* Procedural primitives
o Ri to RIB library
o Support for all procedural primitives

* Ambient occlusion
o Depth map based ambient occlusion

* External resources
o Support for a wide range of image formats, including JPEG, GIF, PNG
o Direct rendering of non-mipmapped textures

* Other features
o Soft shadows
o Fractional matte objects
o Level of detail
o HDRI image support
o Floating-point TIFF output
o MtoR and Alfred compatibility

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