Inventor Sample Program

Inventor Sample Program

Post by CHIVATE, PRAMOD » Wed, 20 Apr 1994 06:23:12


        I am trying to use tha sample program


to develop a UI. When I draw a sample object in the RenderArea I can
pick that but if I erase this object and draw another one then I am
unable to pick it. How do I make sure that the current object
is assigned as the 'current Widget'. Does anyobody have a sample program?
Any comments/suggetions/references are appreciated. Thanks



1. Help needed on Inventor Sample Program


This is a Repost. I am trying to use a Inventor sample program
'SceneViewer' to develop a simple UI for my work. I can pick
the initial Widget that is drawn but once I clear the RenderArea
and display a new SoNode I am unable to Pick it? Any help is
appreciated. Thanks.


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