Quicktime VR woes....

Quicktime VR woes....

Post by Damo » Fri, 03 Apr 1998 04:00:00

Hey everyone..

I'm attemtping to put together a qtvr (quicktime VR) project for the
web. I'm just about ready to snap
all the shots to make certain objects qtvr. The issue I'm beginning to
become fuzzy with is what applications
are out there that will allow me to create an "object" qtvr or similiar,
from the 95 or NT platform? I'm aware
of the panorama software for the PC but that's not the effect I'm trying
to achieve, I just want to rotate an object 360 degrees,
not the background.

Quicktime has the Authoring Studio but its only for the mac. Is this
just a mac only thing as far as creating what
I want to create....or can it be done cleanly on a PC without tons of

Any info would be helpful.

Thanks a bunch,


Damon Claussen