User interface library for TIGA interface

User interface library for TIGA interface

Post by James R Valli » Wed, 01 May 1991 05:30:07

I am looking at using a display controller board which has a 34010 or 34020
on it.  The board will come with a TIGA interface.  Does anyone know of a
user interface library which works to the TIGA interface?  If you suggest
using MS Windows and the TIGA driver that is available, take a look at the
other posting which I made on that subject.  If no package is available then
I will probably throw together a simple interface myself or hack together a
TIGA interface for some other user interface package.

Thanks for any input.

Jim Vallino     Siemens Corporate Research, Inc., Princeton, NJ

(609) 734-3331


1. User interface library for TIGA interface

Zortech will be releasing a TIGA interface for their graphics library 'soon'
(I could probably send you a beta copy now if you already have the
Zortech compiler).  The compiler supports MS Windows but the graphics library
doesn't really know about Windows.  You probably would have to take over the
entire screen... I really don't know enough about Windows to help with that
aspect but I could help some with the details of the TIGA interface -- send
email or give me a call 208-263-1695 (PST).

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