3-D Graphics C++ graphics library - info wanted

3-D Graphics C++ graphics library - info wanted

Post by Asim Barakz » Mon, 13 Dec 1993 18:04:13

hi i am looking for some info on a stable 3-D C++ Graphics Library that
has the following features:

        1.      Hidden Line Removal etc.
        2.      Compatible with Microsoft Visual C++ or Borland C++
        3.      Is also avaible for X-Windows
        4.      Has printer support
        5.      Is stable ! ....

i really need this info ASAP and would greatly appreciate any responses.

thanks .... asim


1. WANTED: 2D graphics library in C or C++

Hi all,

I am searching for a 2D graphics library in C or in C++ (2D
graphics class library) (I prefer public domain, but if you
know of any good product please note it). We are looking for
a code that is less machine dependent, or at least, code that
separates the logic from the environment; in other words we are
more interested in the algorithms (programs) for a 2D drawings.

Some of the algorithms that we are looking are:

        - Drawing of basic graphical objects: circles, arcs, arrows, etc.
        - Inter-sections between graphical objects: circles with polylines,
          circles with circles, etc.
        - Fill algorithms.
        - rubber-band for sizing different objects.
        - management of a 2D drawings
        - Interactive editing of 2d objects.
        - Grouping of objects.
        - Icon drawings.
        - etc.

If you know of such class library, function library, or a product
(source code) then please reply to:

        (301) 816-1247


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