Versatec C2700 Color Plotter to HP 9000/800

Versatec C2700 Color Plotter to HP 9000/800

Post by Brad Smi » Fri, 06 Apr 1990 22:23:44

I have been given the assignment of connecting a Versatec Plotter
to an HP 9000/800, and know little to nothing about how to proceed.
Has anyone else done this, or have any suggestions on where to start?
I have a "SIC Interface IF9 HP-IB - Multiplexer" box, and a
"SIC HP-IB - Versatec Interface IF4" box, both from "Spherical
Integrated Circuits" of France, which are supposed to help (although
I haven't been able to decode the manuals yet to figure out how).

Thanks in advance,

Brad Smith


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P. Allen Jensen
Georgia Tech, School of Electrical Engineering, Atlanta, GA  30332-0250
USENET: ...!{allegra,hplabs,ihnp4,ulysses}!gatech!gt-eedsp!jensen

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