Scanning - RSA\ - scanning.upl [01/01]

Scanning - RSA\ - scanning.upl [01/01]

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                   Create your  own  computer  pictures!

                   Do you want a  picture  of  yourself,
                   your girlfriend, kids, dog,  etc.  on
                   your computer screen?We can even scan
                   a copy of your HANDSIGNATURE that you
                   can import into your Wordperfect doc-
                   ments or your computer fax documents.

                   Send us a photo of a size = A5 or A6.
                   We shall scan it and  return the file
                   to you on disk or  email.  Photos are
                   normally scanned at 100 dpi.Up to 250
                   dpi is possible.

                   We will not accept any responsibility
                   if you send us a photo  for which you
                   don't have the copyrights. We only do
                   the scanning.

                   We will not  scan any  pictures  from
                   magazines or newspapers,kiddy * or

                   HOW TO PLACE AN ORDER
                   1. Each picture = R 22,50  (US$ 7.00)
                      (each  picture  is  mailed  on   a
                      separate disk)

                   2. Add R 7,75 (US$ 2.00)if you send a
                      a  35mm transparency in stead of a

                   3. Indicate on floppy  or  stiffy  or
                      email address.

                   4. The format required: BMP, GIF, PCX
                      or TIF.

                   5. Mail your order to:
                      Belle Model
                      P.O. BOX 30441
                      Sunny Side (Pretoria)
                      Republic of South Africa

                      Send postal money  orders  in  ZAR
                      funds (we cannot cash foreign che-
                      ques).  Make  out  to BELLE MODEL.
                      Send paper  currency  (AUS$, CAN$,
                      DMK, GBP, NLG, NZ$, US$ or ZAR) by
                      registered mail only.

                   6. Allow 2  weeks for  delivery  from
                      receipt of your payment (air mail)
                      If you want immediate confirmation
                      of receipt of your payment,include
                      your e-mail address.

                      If you want the GIF very FAST,  we
                      can send it to your email address.

                      For the paranoid I can destroy the
                      originals,  put  a password on the
                      ZIP file,and send it to your email
                      address.  I  shall  email  the ZIP
                      password  separately. You may also
                      use only an  alias and  send  your
                      real name and addres in a separate
                      letter  or  email.  That  way  you
                      can't be traced if the letter con-
                      taining your pictures is opened by
                      the wrong persons.

                   7. Price include postage and handling

          BELLE MODEL BBS +27 (012) 341-9990 or BELTEL *33802#

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