need info on computational geometry

need info on computational geometry

Post by Roland Berli » Mon, 02 Apr 1990 09:26:00


I am searching for an algorithm for the triangulation
of general (convex & concave) polygons bounded by straight
line segments.

I will thank you, if you have any hints on literature, methods, ...

Please e-mail, I will summarize to the net.


Roland Berling,
Universitaet Koblenz (EWH)
Rheinau 3-4
D-5400 Koblenz  (West Germany)


1. computational geometry reference needed

does anybody know of an (efficient) algorithm to determine if a point
moving in discrete time has crossed a boundary in a multidimensional space?

The boundaries may be described by the union of several multidimensional
convex hulls.

I have seen algorithms for the two dimensional case, but it doesn't seem to
me that they extend easily to many dimensions.

pointers to articles (print, web or whatever), or source code (preferably
in matlab, but i'll take what i can get) would be very much appreciated.

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