PD Paint Package: where ???

PD Paint Package: where ???

Post by jlis » Fri, 12 Aug 1994 20:48:39

Maybe it's not the right group, but...here goes.

Does anybody have/know a good PD/Shareware paint package for the IBM PC
E-mail please.



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1. PD CAD package for PD Raytracers under UNIX/X11

I'm looking for a public domain or shareware CAD package that runs on
UNIX/X11 and can dump output for a public domain or shareware
raytracing package such as rayshade or povray.  I've waded through the
resource list, and played with X3D, Xmgf and IRIT, but none of these
are quite what I'm looking for - I can't interactively edit a scene
from the GUI.

Does anyone know of such a package?


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