Odd Halo Problem- Please Help

Odd Halo Problem- Please Help

Post by rob richar » Tue, 06 May 1997 04:00:00

Hi Folks,

When I render the scene below where the camera is looking into a
planar halo at an oblique angle. The bottom of the halo appears as
white and not blue as defined in the color_map. Is this a bug or a
feature and is there a way around it ?

Thanks in anticipation
Rob Richards
---------------------------------Cut Here-------------------------
// ==== Standard POV-Ray Includes ====
#include "colors.inc" // Standard Color definitions
#include "textures.inc"       // Standard Texture definitions

  location  <-23, 6.4, -12>
  look_at   <0.0 , 5.0 , 0.0>


light_source{<-10,-15,-20> color White}

plane{y,10 pigment{checker color Black color White} hollow
finish{ambient .6 diffuse .5}}

                     [0 color rgbt<.12,.06,.957,.929>]
                     [1 color rgbt<.12,.06,.957,.99689>]
           turbulence 1.3


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