Hotel recommendations for SIGGRAPH

Hotel recommendations for SIGGRAPH

Post by dav.. » Fri, 30 May 1997 04:00:00

Any advice or recommendations on hotels for SIGGRAPH? I have the list
of hotels in the advance program. I'd like to stay somewhere as cheap
as possible without staying in a dump. How are the dorms at USC?  Is
there a shuttle or bus from campus to the convention center? Thanks for
any advice.

- Dave


1. Hotel, expensive, roommate, SIGGRAPH

I had to book a $115 hotel room (Disneyland Hotel) as the more affordable
hotels were already taken. If anyone is interested in sharing a double
room at DH or another hotel (price $130/2 = $65) from Saturday or Sunday,
please let me know immediately.
I am 25, have a Fulbright scholarship at the Graphics Lab at Carnegie
Mellon next year, and am pretty easy to get along with.

Hans Koehling Pedersen
Aarhus University, Denmark
(Posted 14:18 CET, 8:18 EDT. I will reply around 21 CET, 15 EDT).

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