Webdesign Crack wanted

Webdesign Crack wanted

Post by Philip Clas » Sun, 07 Mar 1999 04:00:00

Looking for a creative Gfx Specialist,  interested in cooperating on some
common projects (commercial & noncomm.)

Me: 25 y. , student & webprogrammer /-designer ,
Core competences: html, JScript, VB (ASP), Perl, some Java, some Gfx-Design

What I can offer:
- A common website as a platform for some modern/experimental (non-comm.) as
well as commercial purposes (under 1 or on separate Domains)
- Lots of ideas & 'visions' (that I've only partly realized up to now)
- Some experience & great motivation

Don't hesitate to contact for some more info. !



1. WANTED No Warez, No Cracks, No Crap, Thanks.

At the risk of being flamed to death and sent all sorts of abusive mail let
me say this is a genuine post.


I wish to buy (second hand) Character Studio 1.15 from anyone wishing to
sell. Please, I need the code and dongle obviously and am willing to pay for
postage to the UK.

Anyone interested, please let me know. But no one who spells their name with
a Z instead of S, uses upper and lower case in one word, enjoys ASCII art or
who generally can't spell at all (that should cover most pirates and warez


Simon Page.

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