HELP: QT movie sound problem

HELP: QT movie sound problem

Post by Kevin Ch » Thu, 23 Nov 1995 04:00:00

IF  a movie is flattened, it should be able to play on both mac and PC right?
I have a movie file with IMA 4:1 audio compression and it plays well on
both pc and mac. However, when I use MACE 3:1 compression, the flattened
mov can play on pc BUT WITHOUT SOUND. IS this because the window version
of QT does not support MACE 3:1 compression?
The reason why I want to use MACE 3:1 audio compression is because that I
MACE 3:1 compression support 8 bit mono. However, the IMA 4:1 does not
support 8bit mono. IT can only compress with 16 bit mono or stereo. The
MACE 3:1 8 bit mono is smaller than the IMA 4:1 16 bit mono file. Is there
a way to work around this problem!?
QT 2.1 for mac and QT 2.0.3 for window was used.

Please reply by e-mail.


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Thanks in advance,


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