Animation Contest 94 *Complete Rules*

Animation Contest 94 *Complete Rules*

Post by Jim Quaschni » Sat, 11 Jun 1994 08:35:10

                       ANIMATION CONTEST 94

               You could win one of the following:
            First Prize:  1 500 Meg Maxtor Hard Drive

            Second Prize: 1 Mitsumi Double-Speed CD-Rom

            Third Prize:  1 High Density Floppy Drive.

            Forth-Tenth:  1 Animation Contest 94 T-Shirt.

         (For specific information on contest requirements, see
              Contest Rules at the end of this notice.)
        Now accepting submissions for 2-D & 3-D original animations
to be used in a video tape distributed worldwide.  This is your
opportunity as an animator to advertise your work and show your talent
to the rest of the world.

        This contest is absolutely FREE to enter. The only cost to
you is the price of a blank tape and postage. (Please see rules below)

        All persons with submissions accepted will have the
opportunity to have their Name, Studio Name, and Phone Number
(if requested) advertised in the credits at the end of the tape, FREE
of charge.  Each animation entry included in this tape will be given
a number which will be displayed while the animation is playing.  This
number will correspond to the number next to your name in the credits.
This gives anyone purchasing this tape the ability to find an animator
for their projects fast and easily i.e. Advertising Agencies, Video
Production Companies, etc., as well as other animators looking for
help on projects or to trade ideas.

        This contest has NO GLOBAL LIMITATIONS.  This contest is
being advertised all over the world, in many different languages,
and through many different sources including: Internet/Usenet,
BBS'S, Magazines, Trade Papers, etc.

        There are no real quality limitations for entry to this
contest. In other words, your animations DO NOT have to be Broadcast
Quality!  The point of this contest is to join together the regular
folks, not just the studios with the high-end workstations.  In fact
we are encouraging ANYONE with the ability to get their animations to
tape to enter this contest.

        Animations done on ANY computer using ANY software will be
accepted.  All we ask is to leave some discretion in selecting your
entries to this contest.  Pick your best or top few animations and
send them in.  What have you got to lose?

     Prizes will be given to persons with the top overall votes.
                 Categories for contest acceptance:
                |      2-D                3-D     |
                |               -----             |
                |     Amiga       |      Amiga    |
                |     IBM/PC      |      IBM/PC   |
                |     Mac         |      Mac      |
                |     Misc        |      Misc     |
                |                 |               |

        The Animation Contest 94 Video Tape will include 100's of
animation entries from all over the world!  It will be professionally
edited into many different style and computer-type categories and
scored to an original soundtrack.  It will be available in all
television standards i.e. (NTSC, PAL, SECAM, etc)
To insure against illegal copying of your animations, this tape will
use Macrovision copy-protection as well as having our logo and your
entry number on the bottom of the screen at all times.

                      WHEN CAN I GET A COPY?
        Distribution of the Animation Contest 94 Video Tape will start
before Christmas 1994 and will be advertised in most of the more
popular Computer Magazines and Trade Papers. Tape prices will be:

             U.S. $24.95 + $2.50 Shipping & Handling
             U.S. $14.95 + $2.50 Shipping & Handling
              (for Pre-Orders before Oct. 14, 1994)
             California residents add 7.75% sales tax

             Tapes can be ordered directly by calling:
                  F.V.P.  (209) 277-1188  U.S.A.
We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.  Send
Checks or Money Orders to the address below.


                       IT'S HERE    IT'S NOW
        So what are you waiting for?  Send in your best stuff now and
let the rest of the world take a look.

                          Contest Rules
1.  Prize winners will be determined by a select board of industry
    professionals.  The entries will be judged on:
       1. Originality
       2. Creativity
       3. Use of equipment available.
               *All decisions of the board are final.*
2.  All tapes sent must be on one of the following formats:
      NTSC:  VHS, S-VHS, 8mm, Hi-8, 3/4" non-SP. *(3/4" is preferred)*

      All other formats (PAL, SECAM, Etc): 1/2" VHS or S-VHS only.
3.  Tapes will not be returned (sorry) and become the sole property of
    The Animation Contest 94.
4.  All animations must be between three (3) seconds and one (1)
    minute in length.  (Special arrangements may be made for lengths
    other than these).
5.  Your Name, Anim Name, Studio Name (if applies) and Phone Number,
    must be printed on the tape as you would like it to appear in the
    contest tape.  Also your address and phone number must be
    accompanied with your tape.  (Please print legibly)
6.  You must send one (1) Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope with your
    tape.  If your animation is picked to appear in this contest,
    a release agreement will be sent to you to fill out and sign.
    Winning the contest is conditioned upon your selection and your
    agreement to be included in the contest tape.
7.  A description of each of your entries must be accompanied with
    your tape in the following categories:

7a. Type of system created and rendered on.
7b. Software used for creation and rendering.
7c. Output device to tape i.e. PAR, DCTV, Toaster, Opalvision, etc.
8.  No more than 5 entries per tape.
9.  * All tapes/entries must be received by Oct. 14, 1994 *
10. Failure to comply with any of these rules will void your entry.

     We will be glad to answer any questions or listen to any
suggestions you might have.  You can reach us, send your tape/entry,
or pre-order your 94 Animation Contest Tape now to:

                         Animation Contest
                            PO Box 9839
                       Fresno, CA 93794 U.S.A.

        Questions or comments to:

        *  Internet address:    mquas...@mondrianCSUFresno.EDU

        *  BBS:                 (209) 447-0365  * U.S.A. *
                                (Login: ANIM  PW: CONTEST)

        *  Voice:               (209) 277-1188  * U.S.A. *

               * Remember Deadline is Oct. 14, 1994 *

P.S. Please e-mail any questions or suggestions to one of the
addresses above, not to where you are reading this.  This message
is being posted in many areas and chances are I will never get your
message unless it goes to one of these locations.