Trapping in QuarkXPress-HELP!!!

Trapping in QuarkXPress-HELP!!!

Post by L » Tue, 04 Feb 1997 04:00:00

Can anyone give me a handle on this trapping business in Quark? We have just
switched to Power Mac's at work and find we have to self teach ourselves these
new programs. Just when we think we've got trapping understood a bit we're
confused again.
We thought if we had something back a layer and trapped what was over it in
overprint it would print on the negative from our Avantra image setter. This
theory worked on one job but the next time we tried it we weren't successful.
The little knowledge we've acquired thus far lead us to believe if we used
knockout on something, no layer below this would print but using overprint we
would get the layer below to show on a negative (our negatives must all be
colour separated for printing purposes). All our manuals don't seem to help.
Could be we're just intimidated as they all say trapping is to be left to the
experts and we're REALLY green beginners who have to use it or the negatives
are wrong. Does anyone have a simple rule of thumb for trapping or is there a
great, simplified book we could understand that we should get? All info would
be appreciated. Please use language a new Mac person can understand. Until
recently we have used the Purup system to set our graphic forms so we're not
too familiar to the Mac terminology.
I don't get to the News Groups regularly so please e-mail your response to

Thanks Lyn


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