New 3D Newsletter

New 3D Newsletter

Post by kas thoma » Sat, 06 Sep 1997 04:00:00

A new hard-copy publication devoted to 3D graphics will be in
publication soon. The publication will be aimed at users of mid- to
high-end 3D graphics and animation programs and will concentrate on
plug-in development, algorithms, animation tricks, homegrown f/x,
procedural textures, modeling, physics emulation, etc. Although
platform-independent, we will not shy away from actual how-to advice
relevant to users of Lightwave, 3D Studio, etc., as need be.

If you would like to receive a FREE copy of this new publication, please

you the first issue when it comes out. You are NOT joining an online
mailing list and you will not receive further e-mail. This is a HARD
COPY publication only.

We are also looking for article submissions. Query the editor at

Thank you!


1. New 3D Newsletter

A new hard-copy newsletter (NOT available via e-mail), called GRAFX GEMS,
will be in print shortly. Anybody with articles to propose, or who wants a
sample issue sent FREE, please post your snail-mail address via e-mail to:

This is a technical newsletter for 3D graphics artists and animation
technicians with emphasis on algorithms, special f/x, how-to tips, plug-in
tricks, etc. The aim is to be platform-independent, but we do not shy away
from hands-on tips involving specific products (Lightwave 3D, for example).
If you want a FREE copy, send us your mailing address before October 15.


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