Complex (i.e. with real and imaginary parts) bio-medical images..

Complex (i.e. with real and imaginary parts) bio-medical images..

Post by Vishwa Ranj » Thu, 08 Apr 1993 05:10:31

Are  complex  bio-medical  images  available  anywhere on the net for
experimentation?  By complex I mean that every sampled data point has
a magnitude and phase information both.

Thanks for any pointers,


1. plotting real & imaginary parts of complex data

What is the easiest way to plot the real and imaginary parts of complex
data using gnuplot, i.e., here's a sample file:

   1  2.800000 (-2.2727976E-02,3.3804771E-02) (-13.69713,-20.37262)
   1  2.900000 (-1.5100162E-02,2.4222020E-02) (-18.53415,-29.73044)
   1  3.000000 (-1.1429808E-02,1.7317461E-02) (-26.54792,-40.22312)
   1  3.100000 (-9.5665818E-03,1.2080790E-02) (-40.28629,-50.87399)

I want to plot the real part of column 4 against column 2.  I have a GKS
based program which easily handles this but I can't figure out how to make
gnuplot do it and I don't have GKS on any of my present machines.

I'm running gnuplot 3.5 on an SGI under IRIX 5.3, should I upgrade to 3.6
or is it still in beta and how unstable is it.

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