Micrografx Designer and SCODOL Files

Micrografx Designer and SCODOL Files

Post by ABR » Sat, 15 Sep 1990 13:59:37

I use Micrografx Designer 3.0 and wish to download the files to a
professional slidemaking service. Unfortunately, all the slidemaking
companies I have found in Australia use Matrix Slidemakers and require
the drawing files to be in SCODL format. Designer 3.0 does not support
SCODL files. Does anyone have any suggestions or fixes for my problem?
Thanks in advance.

Ross Jacobs


1. old version of micrografx designer

does anyone have a copy of micrografx designer 3.1 or 3.2
or 4.1?

I have an old 486 that I use for special jobs.  I had
designer 3.1 on it but the start up disk got trashed and
now i can't use a lot of the work I have on the machine.

the newer versions suck up too much memory and need too
much space on the hard drive.

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