Object recognition

Object recognition

Post by Vallury Prabhak » Tue, 02 Jan 1990 18:43:00

(I'm not sure that this is the right newsgroup, but I'll take a chance anyway.)

Have any of you AutoCAD type people written or come across software, that
enables a post-processing type feature for an AutoCAD drawing?  Typically,
this would include the ability to determine the connectivities of entities,
intersections, the hierarchy of layers, the hierarchy of entities of layers,
etc.  Preferably, this ought to be done from the DXF output file, after
the final picture has been saved in that format.

As the subject header says, I am basically looking for pointers to literature/
code/etc. which would completely identify the existing geometry of an AutoCAD
picture, for later application such as FEM.  Any suggestions would be more
than welcome.  

Please send replies directly to my e-mail address.  I don't read this
particular newsgroup very often.  Thank you.

                                                        -- Vallury

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