Illustrator 9 Slow Slow Slow

Illustrator 9 Slow Slow Slow

Post by Jeff in L » Sat, 16 Sep 2000 04:00:00

I know this has been discussed...   have there been any definitive
solutions to this problem?

I'm running Illustrator 9 on a g3/300 with system 9.04 (base set of
extensions - nothing added on) and it can take over five minutes(!) to
place an image (albeit a large image at 30"x40") into a fresh
illustrator doc.

I have Illustrator's memory set to 100 megs and my machine has 256
megs...   nothing helps.


thanks in advance


1. slow, slow, slow

Hello everybody,

I made some speed tests with OpenGL (NT) and it looks like something's
not quite right.
The test resolution was 1024 x 768, 16 bit color mode and my window had
almost the size of the screen (maximized MDI child window).
I use double buffering.

This is what I do in a cycle (practically nothing):
glClear( GL_COLOR_BUFFER_BIT ); //1
SwapBuffers(...);               //2
This is the result I get for 10 cycles:

a) With both, 1 and 2:
        500 ms
b) With 1 but not 2:
        160 ms
c) With 2 but not 1:
        320 ms
d) With none of them:
        10 ms (even less)

The conclusion is that SwapBuffers() takes about 30 ms and clearing the
color buffer, another 16 ms.
I am using a P166 with 64M of RAM and mach64 graphics card.

Considering that in order to have a rendered image, I have to call both
1 and 2, I can only have below 20 frames/s. It looks to me that there is
no way to have a decent speed with OpenGL in software only.

I thought that the 2D operations are hardware accelerated but
considering the results this is definitely not true.

Is this the normal speed of OpenGL? Is there any way to make it run


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